Ashes to glass art , glass art with ashes


Ashes to glass art , glass art with ashes
All beads are handmade and unique in size, shape, and color.
Ashes to glass art , glass art with ashes
Apx. delivery date four weeks after the arrival of ashes.
Ashes to glass art , glass art with ashes
Ashes glass art shapes (Heart, Orb & Egg shapes)

About Ashes To Art – The Ashes To Glass Art Story

Michele began taking hot glass art classes back in 2006. The process of glass blowing art had a captivating draw for her. Learning how to manipulate the glass art and create pieces became her passion. She dove into learning as much as possible by taking classes and practicing.

Tragically in 2015, her dog Maxi-boy had to be put down. She and her family were devastated. Maxi was the best dog ever: a faithful, reliable confidant, who was always there for her and her family. And now he is a box of ashes. It just didn’t seem right.

Noticing that other glass art artists had created paperweights cremation ashes to glass art with the remains of their pets, Michele did the same. She made an ashes to glass art piece for each of her family members. Each ashes to glass art was different, in shape and color, but they were all beautiful. The feelings that this little piece of ashes to glass art evoked was a much happier sentiment than the box of ashes. It was a healing experience to be able to hold a piece of Maxi-boy and keep him close. The lifeless ashes of her beloved friend became a beautiful piece of ashes to glass art.

Since then, others have asked her to create cremation ashes to glass art with their loved ones’ ashes, and she is happy to oblige. This represents the love they shared is not gone, they remain with you in beautiful, timeless, and unique glass memorial.

You can also check Michele’s Website of creative glass art work Michele D’amico Which offers a wide range of glass art work and glass to art sculpture.

Ashes to glass art , glass art with ashes

The color chart we offer: (Yellow, Orange, Pink/Ruby, Purple, Green, Teal & Blue)

Ashes to art create glass shapes of loved ones from their ashes